Subsea multipurpose ROV tool


The Subsea Multipurpose ROV Tool is designed to be a rugged and reliable multi tool with attachments such as; cleaning brushes, grinding discs and saw blades. This version of the multi tool has a higher RPM than our other Multipurpose Tool (6303-006) and is suiteable for cleaning and cutting purposes.

Type: Multipurpose ROV tool
Model: Cleaning/grinding/cutting
Part number: 6303-001
Dimensions (LxWxH): 420 x 128 x 264 mm
Connection: JIC 3/4-16″ male
Motor: 51.5 cm3
Work pressure motor: 175 bar
Max hydraulic pressure: 200 bar
Hydraulic flow: 40 LPM
Weight air: 15,9 kg
Weight water: 13,9 kg
Torque: 100 Nm
Speed: 775 RPM
Number of connections: 2 hoses (one function)

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