Subsea ground point


The Subsea Ground Point is a universal ground point that can be mounted on metal surfaces. The ground point opening is placed onto the structure and secured in place by operating the ROV handle. The structure is designed tension up when the handle is turned and tightened up. This in combination with two-disc springs in the ROV handle mechanism ensures that the ground point is properly secured to the metal.

Type: Subsea ground point
Model: ROV operated
Part number: 5964-003
Dimensions D-handle (HxLxW): 135 x 250 x 25 mm
Dimensions opening (HxL): 40 x 94 mm
Dimensions w/fishtale (H, Ø): 480-550, 112 mm
Weight air: 6,2 kg
Weight water: 5,4 kg
ROV handle: Fishtale (standard)
Ground point jaw opening: Customer specific

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