GNT Solutions and Rosenberg cooperation agreement

A cooperation agreement between GNT Solutions and Rosenberg Worley on the Flexifloat project is in the wind. Rosenberg have exclusive rights to use the Flexifloat technology. The technology origins from the tech company Flexible Floating Systems AS, and the technology differs from other offshore wind concepts by also generating the wave energy acting on its structure.

The Flexifloat concept is to have 9 wind turbines on a 420 x 240 meter large structure. The structure consist of flexible joints making the structure able to “follow” the sea. From the flexible structure it is possible to convert the wave energy to electric energy. As a bonus it will also be possible to install solar panels on the structure for additional sun energy.

The cooperation agreement between GNT Solutions and Rosenberg consist of technology development & part deliveries for the Flexifloat structure. First off are the flexible joints.

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